Ocean City POPS
William Scheible, Artistic Director

Concert Operetta Theater of Philadelphia
José Meléndez, Guest Conductor and Music Director
Daniel Pantano, Producer and Narrator

Michelle Johnson
, soprano
Megan Monaghan
, soprano
Jeffrey Halili, tenor
Brian Major
, baritone

Remembering Romberg!

You Will Remember Vienna from Viennese Nights (1930)
Michelle Johnson

Mother from Her SoldierBoy (1916)
Jeffrey Halili

Will You Remember from Maytime (1917)
Megan Monaghan and Brian Major

Selections from The Student Prince (1924)
Student Serenade... Jeffrey Halili
Deep In My Heart, Dear...
Megan Monaghan and Jeffrey Halili
Student March... Megan Monaghan
Just We Two...
Michelle Johnson and Brian Major

Your Land And My Land from My Maryland (1927)
a Sing-a-long !
You’re land and my land is the best land of all,
Sweet land of freedom for the great and the small,
So let’s stand beside her – It’s if the last thing we do,
Come one, come all and pledge allegiance
To our own red, white and blue!


From The Desert Song (1926)

Romance... Megan Monaghan
The Desert Song... Brian Major
One Alone... Jeffrey Halili

Selections from The New Moon (1927)
Stout Hearted Men... Brian Major
Lover, Come Back To Me... Michelle Johnson
Girl On The Prow... Megan Monaghan
Marianne... Brian Major
Wanting You... Michelle Johnson and Brian Major
Softly As In A Morning Sunrise... Jeffrey Halili
One Kiss... Michelle Johnson

When I Grow Too Old To Dream from The Night Is Young (1934)
a Sing-a-long !
When I grow too old to dream, I’ll have you to remember
When I grow too old to dream, your love will live in my heart
So kiss me my sweet, and so let us part
And when I grow too old to dream, that kiss will live in my heart