Remembering Romberg!

Marcelle McGuirk, soprano
Alize Rozsnyai (debut), soprano
Joshua Glassman (debut), tenor
Mark Hosseini (debut), baritone

Abigail KeVecchia, music director and pianist

Viennese Nights 1930 (Oscar Hammerstein II)
You will remember Vienna / Ms. McGuirk
I Bring a Love Song / Ms. Rozsnyai, Ms. Glassman  

Desert Song 1926 (Otto Harbach, Oscar Hammerstein II)
The Desert Song / Mr. Hosseini
Romance / Ms. McGuirk
One Alone / Mr. Glassman

 My Maryland 1927 (Dorothy Donnelly)
Mother / Mr. Hosseini  

The Student Prince 1924 (Dorothy Donnelly)
Golden Days / Mr. Glassman, Mr. Hosseini
Drinking Song / Mr. Glassman, Mr. Hosseini, Mr. Pantano
Come Boys, Let's All Be Gay Boys / Ms. Rozsnyai

New Moon 1928 (Oscar Hammerstein II)
Marianne / Mr. Hosseini
The Girl on The Prow / Ms. Rozsnyai
Wanting You / Ms. McGuirk, Mr. Hosseini

My Maryland
Your land and my land / Ensemble


Maytime 1917 (Rida Johnson Young)
Will You Remember? / Ms. McGuirk, Mr. Hosseini

Blossom Time 1921 (Dorothy Donnelly)
Song of Love / Ms. Rozsnyai, Ms. Glassman

New Moon
One Kiss / Ms. Rozsnyai
Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise / Mr. Glassman
Lover, Come Back to Me / Ms. McGuirk
Stout-hearted Men / Mr. Hosseini

Her Soldier Boy 1916 (Rida Johnson Young)
Mother / Mr. Glassman

The Student Prince
Deep in My Heart / Ms. McGuirk, Mr. Glassman
Just We Two / Ms. Rozsnyai, Mr. Hosseini
Student Serenade / Mr. Glassman

The Blue Paradise 1915 (Herbert Reynolds)
Auf Wiedersehn / Mr. Hosseini

The Night is Young 1935 (Oscar Hammerstein II)
When I grow too old to dream / Ensemble