Viennese Nights 1930 (Oscar Hammerstein II)
You will remember Vienna / Ms. McGuirk
I Bring a Love Song / Ms. Rozsnyai, Ms. Glassman  

Desert Song 1926 (Otto Harbach, Oscar Hammerstein II)
The Desert Song / Mr. Hosseini
Romance / Ms. McGuirk
One Alone / Mr. Glassman

 My Maryland 1927 (Dorothy Donnelly)
Mother / Mr. Hosseini  

The Student Prince 1924 (Dorothy Donnelly)
Golden Days / Mr. Glassman, Mr. Hosseini
Drinking Song / Mr. Glassman, Mr. Hosseini, Mr. Pantano
Come Boys, Let's All Be Gay Boys / Ms. Rozsnyai

New Moon 1928 (Oscar Hammerstein II)
Marianne / Mr. Hosseini
The Girl on The Prow / Ms. Rozsnyai
Wanting You / Ms. McGuirk, Mr. Hosseini

My Maryland
Your land and my land / Ensemble


Maytime 1917 (Rida Johnson Young)
Will You Remember? / Ms. McGuirk, Mr. Hosseini

Blossom Time 1921 (Dorothy Donnelly)
Song of Love / Ms. Rozsnyai, Ms. Glassman

New Moon
One Kiss / Ms. Rozsnyai
Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise / Mr. Glassman
Lover, Come Back to Me / Ms. McGuirk
Stout-hearted Men / Mr. Hosseini

Her Soldier Boy 1916 (Rida Johnson Young)
Mother / Mr. Glassman

The Student Prince
Deep in My Heart / Ms. McGuirk, Mr. Glassman
Just We Two / Ms. Rozsnyai, Mr. Hosseini
Student Serenade / Mr. Glassman

The Blue Paradise 1915 (Herbert Reynolds)
Auf Wiedersehn / Mr. Hosseini

The Night is Young 1935 (Oscar Hammerstein II)
When I grow too old to dream / Ensemble