Victor Herbert  
The Fortune Teller (1898)
Romany Life - Ms. Lopéz-Hernández
Slumber on my Little Gypsy Sweetheart - Mr. Kuster

The Red Mill (1906)
In Old New York - Mr. Spencer and Mr. Van Niel
Everyday is Ladies day with me – Mr. Pantano

Eileen (1917)
Thine Alone - Mr. Van Niel

Sweethearts (1913)
Sweethearts - Ms. Lopéz-Hernández

Mademoiselle Modiste (1905)
Kiss me Again - Ms. Monaghan    

Rudolf Friml
The Vagabond King (1925)
Only a Rose - Ms. Lopéz-Hernández, Mr. Kuster

Glorianna (1918)
I love you, dear, Mr. Spencer 

The Vagabond King (1925)  
The Song of the Vagabond – Mr. Kuster

The Firefly (1912)
Giannina Mia - Ms. Russo

Three Musketeers (1928)
March of the Musketeers
Mr. Kuster, Mr. Spencer, Mr. Van Niel 

Jerome Kern
Showboat ( 1927)
Just Bill – Ms. Russo

Roberta (1933)
Yesterdays – Mr. Van Neil  

Sally (1920)
Look for the Silver lining – Ms. Monaghan

Lady be Good (1941)
The last time I saw Paris – Mr. Spencer  

Leave it to Jane (1917)
Cleopatterer – Ms. Russo

Sigmund Romberg
Maytime (1916)
Will You Remember – Ms. Monaghan, Mr. Spencer

Desert Song (1926)
Romance – Ms. Lopéz-Hernández
One Alone – Mr. Van Niel

Her Soldier Boy (1917)
Mother - Mr. Spencer

Viennese Nights (1930)
I Bring a Love Song (Liebeslied) – Ms. Monaghan, Mr. Van Niel
You Will Remember Vienna – Ms. Russo

My Maryland (1927)
Your land, and my land - The Company

ENCORE The Night is Young (1935)
When I grown too old to dream